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What We Do

We help quality projects as proactive governance contributor and with ecosystem building incl. education, value-adding tools and apps for projects, users & investors.


Our Approach

We research all things Web 3, contribute to the best projects in the Web 3 stack, and explore new primitives & tools for working and investing in a future with collectives and individuals that know each other only as pseudonyms.

As crypto powerusers, we have been spotting market inefficiencies, governance issues and information asymmetries for years. By participating in governance and supporting projects, teams & their stakeholders as long-term aligned partners we can help them avoid repeating the same old mistakes all over again.

With our research & content websites, we help quality projects reach interested value-adders with up-to-date, data-driven, quality info & reduce information gaps.

Our ecosystem building goes hand in hand with ecosystem building for top Web 3 projects and allows our partners (& us) to benefit from our growing community of quality contributors & partners in Web 3. Last but not least, this enables us to invest with high confidence and build projects on the shoulders of proven giants.


Our Mission

DeFi powers the financialization of everything. NFTs power the shift to digital ownership and identities. A truly decentralized Web 3 infrastructure, tools and inherent composability will enable censorship-resistant access to markets, data and opportunities. We strive to co-build, co-grow and co-own core parts of the Web 3.0 infrastructure from the base layer to the frontend, from project launch & user acquistion to management & retention. WE WANT TO ENABLE EVERYONE TO JOIN.


ScaleWeb3 By the Numbers

We love to help projects & investors go from 0 to 1 and make sure quality teams & communities get the exposure they deserve.

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