The Web 3 Company.

Our main Approach

ScaleWeb3 is a thesis-driven, contributing Web 3 company – in particular to top protocols on Ethereum & Polkadot and value-adding Web 3 projects that complement each other.

We contribute hands-on in the following areas where we can add significant value by leveraging years of crypto-native experience, our own projects, network & channels such as and

Ecosystem Building
  • Input to ecosystem building strategy
  • Collection of insights & distribution across our channels
  • Partnerships, project intros and local point of contact

Experience and best practices from leading partnerships & special projects at NEM blockchain in Europe; consulting projects w/ Fullblock Solutions; analyses of l1/l2 ecosystems, DeFi apps, their launches & approaches with BC-Comparison.

  • Official Governance Delegate
  • Input to governance setup and processes
  • Governance participation & proactive proposals re product, ecosystem building, treasury and revenue distribution
  • Sharing insights to current governance discussions, proposals, our voting behavior and reasoning for it
  • Onboarding & mobilizing of parties to governance

Experience and best practices from a master in organiz. innovation and being an active governance participant across crypto, from engaging with all stakeholders in Web 3 as facilitator (BC-Comparison), outsider (Consultancy) & insider (NEM Foundation) and understanding different pain points.

We vote what is best for

  1. The project in the long-term
  2. Other stakeholders
  3. The overall ecosystem

Delegate your governance Votes to us: Superdelegate.eth

Follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on important proposals, our voting decisions and reasoning for it.

  • Input to product features, positioning, marketing
  • Support UX & UI testing, incl. heavy/non-crypto users
  • Feedback on PMF, Zeitgeist (more relevant for Web 3 & DeFi)
  • Input to mechanism design, token economics & incentives

Experience and Supporters from top european tech startups; experimenting with 100s of DeFi and NFT products; analyses with Blockchain-Comparison and building our thesis on the gradually evolving Web 3 stack (Product-Zeitgeist Fit).

(Re-) Investment

We contribute to top Web 3 projects, prefer token payments, and aim to hold tokens for the long-term. We prefer to utilize tokens as collateral, free up capital & reinvest in top projects.

The better we know teams and projects, the more confident we are of investing additional capital into projects.

Our core Thesis

Few understand how disruptive Web 3 is on all kinds of levels from relationships to markets and value flows.ย 

Anon, do you see the changes already?
  • Company formation, fundraising, project launches
  • Granular coordination of global workforce & stakeholders
  • Possibilities of data availability, sovereignty & zk-proofs
  • Access to capital & talent (occassionally, part- & full-time)

Combine Web 3 native functionalities for radical innovations ๐Ÿ˜‰

We believe Web 3 unfolds niche-by-niche in an accelerated pace building on existing Web 3 building blocks. Therefore, we aim to co-build, co-grow & co-own fundamental Web 3 building blocks & corresponding value-adding projects.

Accessibility, composability, efficiency unlock improvements for people in both developing & developed countries.

It is key to identify the right ecosystems, long-term players, synergies & defensibility among projects at this stage of the evolving composable Web 3 stack.

Core beliefs
  • Bitcoin is the most secure digital store of value today
  • Ethereum is the main center and settlement layer of Web 3
  • The Polkadot ecosystem approach is a growth hack that enables best parachains to get top Web3 talent & real usage
  • There will only be a handful of secure, differentiated l1 chains but 100+ projects will be able to inherit security as l2
  • A DeFi backend will facilitate global (neo-) banking
  • Privacy, decentralization, security are key features that will thrive when ownership-centric apps gain market share
  • The staking industry will become huge & TradFi will tap inย 
  • Data is one of the biggest, relatively untapped sectors as investors keep info private & builders focus on other niches
  • Crypto as a trader’s market is very cyclical but some Web 3 projects will break out due to the continued developer adoption and growth of protocol-to-protocol use cases
  • 99.9% projects/tokens today focus on redistribution of wealth instead of generating value for all stakeholders BUT the tech is here to cooperate on value creation & sharing
  • Top 15 Web 3 projects are extremely undervalued today

If you stay in crypto, add value, earn/invest in quality tokens, you’ll be fine. If you get the timing right, you’ll benefit from irrational growth & contraction phases too ๐Ÿ˜‰


Our Core Values

as Web 3 Stakeholders, Partners, Company and Community


Stakeholder Obsession

Web 2’s customer obsession is also right in Web 3 and should be the ultimate focus. However, when building generational infrastructure & complex, composable systems with non-aligned stakeholders, include all stakeholders in your thinking.



Web 3 can offer individuals access to finance, data ownership, privacy and reduce information gaps. We shall help interested people to inform themselves, adopt best practices and not build unnecessary barriers or recreate discriminating systems.



Blockchains offer transparent, live data. We honor this high level of transparency and don’t engage in backroom deals, or play wealth redistribution games in bad faith due to “sophisticated” token economics. We openly communicate goals & action steps with projects, partners, users, investors and community members.



We got the best interests of Web 3 projects and stakeholders at heart and consider them no matter if votes are delegated to us or whenever we spot significant risks for users or investors. We make improvement proposals, disclose issues, flag risks and call out back actors under careful consideration of the best ways possible.


Collaboration over DIY

Web 3 offers amazing tools for individuals & DAOs to work together while projects benefit from composability of open-source software. OS could easily be copied but more knowledge & value will faster accrue in the nascent Web 3 space with less replication & data silos but cooperation among top minds & value-adding projects.



Decentralized governance is slower than centralized decision-making. Projects only benefit from such a governance process if 3rd parties participate and we benefit from being up-to-date w/ insiders. We experiment, research, vote, write proposals, distribute info, build ecosystems & take calculated risks when we invest in tokens.



As long-term partners and value-adders, we can achieve much bigger things together with projects that meaningfully differentiate from each other and complement other Web 3 projects. Stakeholders acting in good-faith in ecosystems that breed the next generation of top projects can compound impact & returns.



As partner, contributor & governance delegate we are key ecosystem stakeholders. As such, we plan for the long term and do not sacrifice long-term value for short-term results. Nonetheless, we consistently deliver input & results to our current projects, stick to delegate promises & share reasoning for governance behavior.


Be open minded

On one side, we are confident that our envisioned Web 3 stack is getting close to the final architecture & today’s top projects become / teams build the backbone of the future internet. On the other side, current protocol designs are alpha products, scaling and decentralization take a long time, and governance is hardly more than multisigs among a small group of friends. We research & review new approaches, challenge our (partners) current thinking and strive towards the best Web 3 future.


Dive deep

Many investors in Web 3 do not yet use proper due diligence – maybe due to tech & crypto jargon – and behave similar to a casino visit. We utilize the sheer amount of data, make use of existing analytics platforms and build our own tools. On top of that, we dig into protocol mechanisms, token economics, and engange in forums and with teams directly – the best place for alpha. (Sharing it with community ofc.)


Deliver value

Crypto attracts at the same time professional companies, occassional (open source) contributors, impact-driven people and researchers as well as value extractors and grifters. We have the highest standards towards us and our partners, that all create value, add value & deliver results to collaborations, Web 3 & real-world long-term.



Early token launches and liquidity events are curse and blessing as they often hide missing product market fit, yet fuel the growth of Web 3. We believe in interative growth, resourcefulness and financial creativity born from constraints. We vote on protocol treasury management as we manage our own capital: Risk-on yet small experiments, no giveaways, quality over quantity, costs < returns.